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Graduation Product1 is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium graduation apparel and accessories at affordable prices, using only the best materials and beautifully crafted designs in our full line of graduation regalia and accessories.  From products for children in Pre-School/Kindergarten to the High School or College graduate, graduation product has what you need. Our mission is to provide only the very best in customer service and value for your hard-earned dollar.                      

Graduation Honor cords aren't just about getting your degree or diploma. They're the perfect fit for students preparing for their commencement or graduation ceremony! We offer quality and prices that our competition can't match. Your graduation day isn't just the end of a busy academic year, but an important life step where everything needs to be and look perfect, with just the right cord. We will work with you in any way possible to help ensure you get your graduation cord on time, without the hassle, mix-ups, or unpleasant surprises you don't need. Graduation is a life-altering, once in a lifetime event.

At GraduationProduct, we understand the significance of this occasion and are absolutely committed to providing you - our valued customer - high-quality products, exceptional service and the best shopping experience possible. 

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us. We love to hear our customers’ feedback! 
Congratulations to all future Graduates - Thank you and Happy Shopping!


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Everything For Announcing Your Graduation In One Place - Limited Time Offer!

Graduation Is A Big Deal

It isn’t only a day. It’s an achievement, a milestone, and an honor worth celebrating. For students who have worked extremely hard throughout their years in school, graduation is also the peak of all of their perseverance.

Commencement festivities and the celebrations that surround the big day of graduation can be extremely busy, which is one reason why we are committed to making things as easy and stress-free as possible for those who are seeking out customizable graduation necessities like graduation honor cords, graduation honor stoles, and customizable accessories.

Find Everything You Need At GraduationProduct1

At GraduationProduct1, we sell graduation honor cords and stoles—both of which can be extremely customizable. Currently, we are seeking new clients and customers who are searching for graduation honor cards and stoles that are:

  • affordable
  • high-quality
  • fully customizable

Our Products Are Completely Customizable

GraduationProduct1 allows students and graduates to add on customizable features like:

  • sorority
  • fraternity
  • Greek letters
  • custom thread color
  • school emblem
  • school colors

We are the #1 retailer for beautiful custom stoles that are as one-of-a-kind and unique as the students who use them. We are also able to tailor to your own needs and requested color palettes.

Unique Students Deserve Unique Graduation Cards, Announcements and Stoles

Your students aren’t like everyone else’s. Set your students apart from the pack and offer them options for graduation attire that they might have only dreamed about before. Graduation is a celebration of these students and their own unique successes, so let their voices and their academic experience shine through. We are certain that the graduation stoles and graduation cords at GraduationProduct1 will help set your students apart from the pack.

Whether you represent an institute, a career college, a trade school, a vocational school, a college, or a university, here at GraduationProduct1 we have everything that you could possibly be looking for—and at rates that are more affordable than that of our competition.

If you are ready to order the necessities for your graduation students, stay tuned for a sneak-peak deal that will debut in October of 2019.

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Our custom graduation sashes, custom graduation stoles, and other materials are all made of the highest quality components to make sure on your graduation day your graduates are looking both great and grand.

Our custom graduation stoles are used by:

  • universities
  • sororities
  • fraternities
  • graduating students
  • and academics

With all of our graduation cords and stoles, customization is completely possible. Students, graduates, and academics are able to add on elements that represent their department, their experience, their ties to Greek life, and their accomplishments.

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